My name is Kent Boehm, and I am a business and executive coach with ActionCOACH. You have likely
found yourself on this website for one of three reasons:

  • We know each other and you read my weekly emails
  • We just met and I sent you a link to an article located on this site
  • You were searching for information online

So why did I build this website and why do I share these stories?

Quite simply, I want to help.

As a business coach, I have seen all kinds of wild and wooly things in the business world. I have had fantastic experiences and ones that you should avoid like the plague. As you start or continue your journey as a business owner or senior leader, I want you to benefit from the successes and mistakes I have witnessed. I want to help you understand more about business.

Business is my passion. I have read hundreds of books on business and leadership and have spent thousands of hours one-on-one with business owners and seniors leaders in organizations all over North America.

Through the articles and stories on this site, I want to help you determine what to avoid in business, teach you something new, or perhaps remind you of something you did before and need to start doing again.

I welcome your comments and feedback, and if you like the material, please share it.

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Kent Boehm
Business & Leadership Coach
403.690.8363 or kent@ninebusinessgroup.ca

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