Douglas Environmental

My business has changed!  In the seven months that make up 2012 year to date we have exceeded 2011 totals sales by 205%.  In fact in the month of July alone are revenues are 95% of our total sales from 2011.

The number one thing I have learned while working with Kent is: be adaptable and see opportunity disguised as challenges that confront your business in its daily operation. Sometimes what are perceived as setbacks end up being game-changers to business. Overcome the issue and move forward using the competitive advantage gained in the process.

The biggest change to my business is: re-engineering what my business “is” – turns out I wasn’t in the business I thought I was when I first started working with Kent. After getting more in touch with what the market actually wants versus what I “think it needs” I was able to re-focus business efforts where they made the biggest impact for consumers.

Net result? In half a year we have doubled last year’s sales, with several months still to go. In fact, instead of struggling to make a go of it, we’re now struggling to keep up with it – a change in problems I will take any day!

Greg Douglas